How to revitalize curly and wave units,

How to revitalize curly and wave units,

Greetings ladies! Have you ever purchased a curly or wavy unit where the curls are fresh and easy to style during the first few wears then after a while it gets tangled. Well let me say this first, curly hair will tangle in the neck area that just a given after several wears. Also, over time it begins to bushy and hard to manage if you don't know how to care for this texture of hair. D'ion J(More than just hair) is here to help. Follow these recommendation:

1. Wash hair every other week.

2. Use a wide tooth brush when washing. (see our products page)

3. In between washes use Wet n Wavy Liquid Sculpting Gel (Can be found at most hair stores or ordered online) this will give you hair a wet look without hair being still.

4. For a quick inexpensive way to revitalize hair mix water and conditioner in a spray bottle and spray on hair. Does not matter what conditioner you use.

These are products that I have use that worked well for me. If you have any other suggestions please leave your comments.

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