• Why should I buy D’ion J hair bundles?
D’ion J (more than just hair) mission is to enhance women’s beauty both spiritually and physically. This is done by affirming her truth that she is more than enough. Through our affirmation card inserts that provides inspiration we want to encourage you to be your best self.
  • Are Hair Extensions Hard to Care For?
Hair extensions are not hard to take care of, but if you are not in practice of taking care of your natural hair then we recommend you talk to a hair professional, however you can prolong the wear of your hair extension if you do the proper maintenance.
  • What type of hair maintenance do I need to do?
Washing your weave once per week is very important, not only for your hygiene but also for the durability of the hair. Proper hair care consists of deep conditioning your hair extension to keep them soft and hydrated, thoroughly detangling them to avoid matting and frizzy knots, and keeping up the proper regimen for when to wash them. When you are ready to remove your extensions, do not forget to wash and condition your hair to ensure that it stays strong and healthy. If you don’t wear hair extension, take your time learning about them and how you can become well prepared to care for them. Be sure to ask your professional stylists for different tips that can help.
  • How should I buy bundles?
Depending on the length and texture of your natural hair, you may need anywhere between 1-4 hair bundles to achieve the look you want to accomplish. If you want to create a full install, you will need at least 2 bundles for short hair and at least 4 bundles for longer hair. The longer the hair, the more hair you should have due to the fact that longer weave hair bundles are typically thinner in density. If you are planning to go longer (28 inches or longer), we would recommend buying 3 to 5 bundles. If you are planning to go shorter styles, (12 inches to 26 inches) 2 to 3 bundles should do it.
  • How long does it take to ship product?
Due to higher demand for D’ion J products please allow approximately 5-7 business days for processing before product is shipped. Shipping will vary upon location. On all wig units there is a 7-10 business day processing before product is shipped. Shipping will vary upon location.
  • What is your return exchange policy on hair?
ALL SALES ARE FINAL! We will only EXCHANGE items AS PURCHASED in the original packaging. We do not accept any merchandise that has been ALTERED, COLORED OR WASHED. Exchanges must be within 7 days of your purchase. 
  • Can hair be colored?
Yes, it can, but we advise that you use a professional colorist that specializes in coloring hair extensions
  • Will my hair wave up again after I straighten it?
Yes, it will, but the more you straighten the hair the more you will lose the pattern. It is important to remember that the hair is not attached to any cuticles so it no longer receiving any nourishment, so if you continuously straighten you will relax the pattern just like you would with your own hair.
  • What color does the bundles come in?
Virgin hair only comes in natural black unless specified that you want it in jet black.
  • How long will hair typically last?
With proper care up to 1yr.
  • What do I tell people when they ask what I am wearing?
Tell’em you Rocking D’ion J!!!